Zotero RDF Export for backup?

Would using the Zotero RDF Export be the best approach for backing up Zotero data?

My first Zotero installation didn't last long. I had imported a few items from a Bibtex file, and grabbed a couple of things from CiteULike. Next time I fired up Firefox, Zotero failed to show any collections, and all the Zotero buttons became unresponsive. I could only get Zotero back by deleting its folders from my ff profile. Hence the need for backups.
Cheers, CB.
  • Sorry about the problem, CB. It's unlikely that your Zotero library is actually gone--it's probably just not being recognized by the new Zotero installation, though your materials are still in Firefox's chrome directory.

    We're working on backup instructions, but yes, Zotero RDF export is a good start, as well as a backup of your Firefox directory where the Zotero information is installed (we'll get more specific on the documention wiki when we're done with it).
  • I found that the easiest way to back up or transfer zotero collection from one computer to another was to just copy the Zotero folder in the Firefox default user folder (in Application Data in Windows probably, in home directory in linux) to your preferred portable media (flash drive, cd, floppy). Then just replace it in the same folder on another machine or keep a copy for backups.
  • Dan - the problem was no big deal, as I'm just playing with Zotero as yet. Just thinking ahead re averting possible disasters if the library builds up.

    Shel - the thing in this case was that I already had all the Zotero stuff in my ff profile, but Zotero had stopped working, hence the un/reinstallation. I'm thinking to avert this possibility in the future by doing regular RDF exports, at least as a temporary measure.
  • I haven't found clear instructions about how to find the Zotero data file for back up purposes in Mac OS 10.4

    How would I transfer my data from one computer to another?


    David Huston
    Laurel School
    Shaker Hts OH
  • As noted in the <a href="http://www.zotero.org/documentation/frequently_asked_questions">FAQ</a>, Zotero data is stored in a subdirectory of your Firefox profile.

    On a Mac, you'll usually find that directory here:
    <code>/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/<randomstring>/zotero</code>

    While we are planning more sophisticated methods for transferring data between computers (and users), currently you can export your data into Zotero RDF and then import it on the other computer.
  • Hey, I tried that, but when I want to re-import the data on a new Mac, the message "No translater could be found for the given file. I am panicking, what do I do wrong??

    Thanks in adavance for any help! Mark
  • Sorry, I wanted to say that the message "No translater could be found for the given file." shows up and it doesn't let me import the file.
  • you tried what exactly Mark?
    Might be this?
  • Adam, thank you so immensly much!! You saved my life!!
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