Juris-M integration with TeXmacs

The TeXmacs editor can typeset very beautiful legal documents!

It is much more useable now and easier to get set up and ready to use without an advanced degree in anything smart. Start with plain Firefox, then install Juris-M from their release site. If you followed my earlier instructions on how to run from a git clone, reverse that, and just use plain Juris-M and then install this:


Then create a git clone of:

https://github.com/KarlHegbloom/zotero-texmacs-support.git and symlink it into your ~/.TeXmacs/plugins directory.

Start Firefox and TeXmacs, then add the "tm-zotero" style to your document, and try the new menus.

Juris-M: https://juris-m.github.io
TeXmacs deb: https://github.com/KarlHegbloom/texmacs/releases

This needs to be ported to Mac OS-X and Windows. It won't be difficult to do, but I do not own either one, and so can not fix it myself. I'm hoping somebody will fix it and submit a Github pull-request. There are comments inside of zotero.scm that explain how to make it work.
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