Snapshot PDF problem in sciencedirect and generally

I noticed that we now have auto export of abstract, web page and pdf from science direct which is brilliant.
a. One problem, however: the pdf file gets named something like
ScienceDirect Full Text PDF
but without the .pdf extension. you have to go and change the filename to .pdf for the operating system to recognise it as pdf filetype (on windows)

Plus, as I have suggested before, autorenaming would be a nice feature.

b. a general problem:
the snapshot title shows the wrong title, some old snapshot title. but if you click on it comes up with "change title" dialogue box with the correct title.

c. another suggestion - have icon for type of snapshot e.g. pdf, jpeg, html.
  • Thanks for your comment.

    a. I'll open a ticket to adjust the ScienceDirect translator to add .pdf to the filename.
    b. Haven't seen this one before. I'll look into it.
    c. Great idea.
  • Great.

    I just tried doing a "save link to pdf as snapshot" on sciencedirect and the resulting file ends up being named "science" without a pdf extension, so I have to change the file name. I am not sure, but I might have had a similar problem with other sites, so it sounds like might not be just a problem with the translator.
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