I must be really dum but I can't work out how to install this version. I am a new user and have no previous experience with Zotero. I installed firefox 3 on my pc. Then trying via Firefox the 'downloadbutton' from the homepage (Latest version: 1.5b1 — newest features ) by 'pushing' 1.5.b1 but nothing happens. What goes wrong, what am I doing wrong,

  • Yes that is the page I used. It had now installed (or so it says), but I do not see a zotero logo at the bottom of my firefox window after restarting firefox...
  • I think it has worked and I will try it now. Dann, thanks a lot for your help.

    One more question: on de site there is a video to be played, but it doesn't.
  • ah, I found the problem: I had to import Adobe flash player
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