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When going to this address:


I get the following import options:
1) wiso
2) COinS

The COinS import works but the data quality is poor. See:

Convention Theory, classification and quantification
Type Journal Article
Author Rainer Diaz-Bone
Volume 41
Issue 2
Pages 48-71
Publication Historical Social Research
Date 2016
Date Added 12.6.2016 13:14:23
Modified 12.6.2016 13:14:23
wiso - Suche in Historical Social Research
When I try the WISO import, I get the following classic error message:
Could Not Save Item
Can this be fixed? Thanks for your effort.
  • Here the COinS data displayed differently:

    Diaz-Bone, R. (2016). Convention Theory, classification and quantification. Historical Social Research, 41 (<span class=„highlight“ id=„hlgFarbe3“>2</span>), <span class=„highlight“ id=„hlgFarbe4“>48</span>–71.

    Issue and Pages fields are populated with superfluous HTML data.
  • A translator fix by zuphilip is now up. Your version of Zotero will automatically update within 24hs, or you can update manually using the "Update Now" button in the "General" tab of the Zotero preferences. If you're using Standalone, restart Zotero and your browser after updating.

    Any further problems let us know & thanks for reporting
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