Zotfile duplicate pdf when renaming

Hello, I'm very new to Zotero. Trying to configure this nice program wisely.

I storage all my pdf files on my computer in folders named alphabetycal: "A", "B", etc.
Now I want to add links to this pdf files in Zotero (I don't want to add files because don't need to duplicate them in Zotero folder). But also I want to use Zotfile convenience with remaning files.

That is the proper way to add link to pdf file to Zotero, get meta from it to create a new "item", then rename pdf (according this meta) in computer folder without making a duplicate?

I would appreciate any help!
  • In the Zotfile preferences, if you choose "Custom Location" and leave it blank, it will rename PDFs in place, so you could attach PDFs as links to Zotero items regularly and then just use Zotfile to rename.

    Alternatively, you could let Zotfile handle the sub folders. For that, choose the Custom Location and then specify how sub folders should be made (e.g., %A is for the first letter of the author; see full details at Zotfile.com).
  • Brenton, thank you! I'll follow your advise.
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    I think I'm having similar problems as @andrewgangan: I have Zotfile set up to rename PDFs linked in Zotero to a Custom Location on my computer, but every time Zotfile "renames" the file, it actually just creates a duplicate file with the new name. How can I eliminate this duplication? @Joscha can you advise?
  • I have exactly the same problem as @kddbailey — any solutions?
  • I'm having the same issue! Here is exactly what I did:

    1. Using Chrome extension imported citation from Google Scholar into Zotero , but the fulltext pdf couldn't download without credentials, so...
    2. Logged in through my university and downloaded pdf.
    3. Dragged it into Zotero to link to citation.
    4. Zotfile said to "click here" if I wanted to rename and move it to the Custom Location I've selected, so I clicked.
    5. Zotfile indeed created a renamed file in my Custom Location, but the original pdf remained in the original folder I downloaded it to, so now it appears I have two copies of it, one nicely named and organized, and one with the original nonsensical file name.

    What I am I doing wrong and/or misunderstanding about how this is supposed to work?
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    When you drag a file into Zotero, it makes a copy in its storage folder—the original file is left in place. Zotfile moves that copy from the Zotero storage folder, not the original you downloaded (which was never in Zotero). You can delete the original file after dragging it into Zotero.
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