No Zotero toolbar with Word 2016 for Mac

Zotero worked fine for years with Word 2011, but since I upgraded to Word 2016 I cannot see the toolbar.
MacBook Air OSX 10.11.15
Zotero Standalone 4.0.20
Word for Mac 15.11.1
I installed the plug-in from the Cite pane in Zotero preferences and it said it was OK. I restarted Word and can see in the Tools -> Addins pane, where I also ticked the box to activate. Still no toolbar.
WORD 2016 does not have the facility to turn it on from the View menu, so how do I make it visible?
  • start by updating Zotero. You should be at 4.0.29.x an Word 2016 for Mac compatibility wasn't introduced until 4.0.27. If that doesn't help see
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