Double item count in sync: PaperShip or Zotero error?

Caveat: I am unsure if the following error is Zotero or PaperShip.

My Zotero library has 2273 items. When I first open PaperShip on my iPad, and connect to my Zotero account, an 'Updating Items' prompt appears with a count of 4597 items—just over double my library.

Yet the number of items listed, once updated, is correct, with no doubles.

Now, the actual problem: my Zotero library syncs to a account. When I set the local storage in PaperShip to Always Download Files, it downloads around 15GB of files, double my 7.7GB library. Yet again, no doubles listed in the database.

Please help, and do let me know if this should be directed to the PaperShip forum, if appropriate.
  • I can't help you with this problem except to say that Papership syncing has been much buggier in my experience than pure Zotero.
  • The item count might be counting parent items and attachments separately. But this is an issue you would need to bring up with the Papership developers.
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