APA in-text citation of organization as author

In APA, when citing a well-known organization as author in-text, the first time it is used the name should be spelled out with the abbreviation in brackets. Subsequent citations should only use the abbreviation. I have searched with every term combination I can think of but can't find any reference to a way to make Zotero do this. It lists the full name of the organization every time. Is this possible? Thanks!!
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    Zotero can't currently do this out of the gate, but there are a couple of ways you can get it to work.

    First, if it is just one or two organizations with a few citations,it might be fastest to do it manually. I find this workflow to be the fastest:
    1. Enter the abbreviation as the creator name in Zotero.
    2. On the first citation, add the full organization name as a prefix.
    3. When you are done with the paper, remove the Zotero codes and manually add the brackets around the citation year and manually add the full organization name to the references list.

    Alternatively, you can install the Abbreviation Filter plugin (https://www.zotero.org/support/plugins), which can automate the process, but requires a bit of setup.
  • Thanks for the quick reply! You just helped me think of another option. I am going to try entering the reference twice, once with the full author and once with the abbreviation. I can then just delete the second entry out of my reference list during final clean-up. Not as elegant a solution as your suggestion, but workable. :D Thanks again!!
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