Upload to webdav server halts with error report 1317219955

Syncing to my owncloud-webdav-server starts but gives an error and halts. I am not sure on which part is the problem.
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    I thought it was solved now: Linked Attachment Base Directory was not set. After setting it syncing continued now much longer than before and previously not vtransferred data appeared on the webdav server. But then upload halted again and error report 235314521 was given.
  • no, the linked attachment directory doesn't have anything to do with webDAV sync, so this was a coincidence.
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    I observed the upload for a while:
    about 65 MB are listed for upload, no download planned. Fits to the impression that the problem occurs when adding new entries on this PC.
    Upload starts and left to be done goes down to about 35 MB, still 0/14 files done, still about 15% only done in progress bar (?), apparently no whole file transferred. Then suddenly the upload halts and the red error button appears, error report 1387224710 this time.

    When looking at the Webdav-server there appears no new dir or file uploaded from the foregoing sync trial.

    Can I see somewhere which entr/file is being transferred when the error occurs?
  • I think you should be able to see which file is currently syncing by following the debug output in Zotero:

    My first guess would be some type of file size limit on your owncloud: 30MB is kind of hefty...
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    Thanks for the input.

    My whole cloud space is 1 TB, I have configured a user for Zotero files and checked the max file size already yesterday. It was 512MB, I set it to 2GB, which is the max file size on this server possible. I then set the quota for the Zotero user in the cloud to "unlimited", although the files made up about 1,5 GB only.

    In the debug output there are numerous lines with the same content:

    [JavaScript Error: "NS_NOINTERFACE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004002 (NS_NOINTERFACE) [nsISupports.QueryInterface]" {file: "chrome://ipv6ident/content/ipv6ident.js" line: 136}]

    My Java is up to date.

    From the debug output I was able to identify the files. They are two about 30 MB size files, issues of a periodical I want to have accessible on all my machines after downloading to one. I do already have 8 other issues of same size in this Zotero collection and I don't recall a problem.

    I uploaded the files separately to the server in a testdirectory to see if that works - they were transferred to the webdav server without problems.
  • That error isn't from Zotero (and Zotero doesn't use Java in any way).
  • If you provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt that produces an error I might be able to tell you more, though generally you're on your own for WebDAV server issues.
  • Yes, I understand, that you cannot give support for WebDAV problems. I will be happy just to know whether the problem is here on the PC, which might be fixed with help of the forum or whether the problem is in the server-configuration which I would have to negotiate with my cloud provider.

    Das Protokoll zur Fehlerdiagnose wurde an den Zotero Server ├╝bermittelt. Die Protokoll-ID lautet D1574609231.

    Thanks in advance for any hint where the problem is hidden.
  • (3)(+0000002): HTTP PUT of NNXUTJEF.zip to https://****@****.owncube.com/remote.php/webdav/zotero/NNXUTJEF.zip


    500 Internal Server Error
    It's a 500 error. You'll have to check your server logs for the actual error.
  • Thanks for clearing that issue.
  • After searching a bit, I found somebody's comment: "debugging webdav is a nightmare". Is there a chance that syncing files will be possible to an FTP-server in the future?
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