Are PDFs indexed with own file structure

I store my PDFs in a custom file structure (with folders A, B, etc.) with the help of Zotfile, rather than allowing Zotero to store them automatically. In this case does Zotero still do a full index of the PDFs (a test search on Attachment content suggests that Zotero is not indexing these files)?

With thanks, Martin
  • I don't know how ZotFile does things, but when you use "Link to File…" or "Attach Link to File…" in Zotero proper the files are indexed. You can see the indexing status in the right-hand pane when you click on the attachment item.
  • Dan, I do not see a "Link to File..." option in my Zotero for Firefox Did you mean "Attach Stored Copy of File..."?
  • Are you in a Group library? Those don't support linked files.
  • What I mean is that I see "Attach Link to File.." but not "Link to File..."
  • It's under the green + icon -- it creates a standalone attachment as a link to a file.
  • Dan, thank you. Following further investigation I cleared the Index (all except web links) and reindexed, and I have verified that the attached files are now indexed correctly. I don't know that the previous problem was, but all is now well.
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