Differences with the group library

With some colleagues, we have a Group Library for a chapter we are writing. We all are inserting there our references… Nevertheless, I am seeing in the Group Library some interesting references (included by my colleagues), which I suspect I have not and I would like to have in My Library. The point is that My Library have more than 3,000 records, and it is taking a lot of time checking which references are not in my library prior to drag-and-drop.

Is there any way to compare two libraries (or at least two collections), in order to detect which references of the group library are absent in my personal one?

Thank you for your advises!
  • I'm not aware of any easy way, no, sorry.
  • It would probably just be easiest to drag all of the references to your library, then merge duplicates. Zotero will already stop you from copying the items that came from your library back.
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