Add reference to previous notes

For note-based styles (at least in Germany) it's not uncommon to refer to the note of the first (full) citation. So currently a publisher requests something like this:

¹ Some Author, Some Title, City Year, Pages.
² Some Other Author, …
³ S. Author (see note 1), Pages.

Is it possible to achieve something like this using Zotero/CSL? If not, would it be possible to add such a feature? I'm afraid that this might be not trivial, but without it some styles simply cannot be implemented.

  • This is not just the case in Germany.
    It is equally true for several international journals, such as World Politics, one of the most important journals in Political Science.
  • Adam, thanks for pointing out that this also applies to international style guidelines.

    I just wanted to inquire: Is this possible in Zotero/CSL? If it currently isn’t, I’d do it manually when everything else is ready, but it would be desirable to have such a feature.
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