Integration with TeXmacs is ready to try.

I've been working on integration of the Juris-M / Zotero reference manager with TeXmacs. I have working code, and it's available for people to try it:

For now, you have to run it from a git clone, and it requires a patched copy of Juris-M, which can also be run from a git clone. I've submitted a pull request to them, and with any luck it will be accepted and at that point the standard installation will work. I just finished getting this working this evening, and have not heard anything from them yet.

What's left to do: I want to make it possible to enter the zcite tag by hand, with a hybrid command or a keyboard shortcut. That will mean making something magical happen when the tag is activated or something. I'm still learning how to make that sort of thing work. I will also be adding some prefs and more support for options like making a particular citation be in-text when the style puts them in footnotes.

What works: Everything on the menu: Add citation, edit citation, add bibliography, edit bibliography, refresh, and set document preferences. You can change citation styles by setting the preferences, and it will update the entire document then.

Karl M. Hegbloom
  • It is much more useable now and easier to get set up and ready to use without an advanced degree in anything smart. Start with plain Firefox, then install Juris-M from their release site. If you followed my earlier instructions on how to run from a git clone, reverse that, and just use plain Juris-M and then install this:

    Then create a git clone of: and symlink it into your ~/.TeXmacs/plugins directory.

    Start Firefox and TeXmacs, then add the "tm-zotero" style to your document, and try the new menus.

    TeXmacs deb:
  • (Karl: Great to see! Sorry for my lack of input/feedback as the work has unfolded. Swamped with work in the day job, for at least the next couple of weeks, but I'm looking forward to checking it out!)
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