Make changes in Vancouver style concerning titles of books & article

I have entered references for a book that I have written using the Vancouver style which my publisher wants me to use.

However, when I received the publisher's instructions, they state they want the book and journal titles to be italicized with "initial caps" while the default Vancouver style in Zotero does not italicize and capitalize the title words.

Can the Vancouver style be changed to do these? If so, how do I do this?

Thanks for helping.

Bruce Rocheleau
  • yes it likely can. What do they mean by "initial caps" exactly (example) and which titles should be italicized?
  • Adam,

    Here is what the style sheet (Cambridge University Press) says:

    Some general points:
    • Book titles and journal publications should be italic with initial caps, e.g. Journal of Psychiatry.
    • Place of publication should precede publisher for books.
    • ‘Edn.’ should be used for ‘edition’.
    • Journal article titles should be roman and min caps, e.g. Observing spider monkeys in Asia.
    • Journal numbers should be bold and the full page range should be given, e.g. 21: 604-615.
    • If a work has six or more authors, the first three should be given followed by et al.

    Vancouver (Numbered)
    • 1. R. Jurmain, H. Nelson & W. A. Turnbaugh, Understanding Physical Anthropology and
    Archeology, (St Paul, MN: West Publishing Co., 1990).
    • 2. D. A. Ratcliffe, The Peregrine Falcon, 2nd edn (London: Poyser, 1993).
    • 3. R. Jurmain, H. Nelson & W. A. Turnbaugh, Understanding Physical Anthropology and Archeology, 4th edn (St Paul, MN: West Publishing Co., 1990).

    By the way, thanks for your great help--since you explained what I was doing wrong. It has worked great.

  • OK -- unfortunately that's not at all what we call "Vancouver" (which is the style following the "Citing Medicine" guidelines by the US National Library of Medicine). Apart from the fact it uses number, nothing about this fits the style. You could see if gets you any closer.
  • You're right--I will ask their editor to clarify about the Vancouver style.

    I have another question: I constructed my book by separating references into chapters--with "My Library" sources being chapter 1's, then creating a new collection for chapter2 references through chapter 12.

    However, my book is too long--too many words for the publisher so I need to reduce its length and there is a fair amount of overlap among the different chapter references. I have several references for the overlap books and I notice that they consider them entirely different references.

    Is there any way to merge all of the 12 chapter references?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Any item in any collection will actually be in "My Library" so you could use that?
  • Great! Thanks as always for your quick and useful responses.

  • Adam,

    I emailed the Cambridge editor about the Vancouver issue and she replied as follows:

    Thank you for your email.

    As long as adequate details are provided and they are consistently rendered, we will follow your basic style of presentation.

    However, our preferred presentation is detailed in this guide (enclosed for your information).

    Kindly read our in-house guidelines and let me know if you have further questions.

    So, I may not need to make changes but there are a couple of points that I will seek clarification on that I would like to know if they are possible:

    The general style notes say that "et al." should be italicised. Can Zotero's Vancouver style do this? I guess I could do it with Word afterward if it can't before I check with her on them.

    Their Vancouver style uses brackets [] instead of parentheses. Can Zotero Vancouver be modified to use brackets?


  • we have a variety of styles here
    including Vancouver (brackets), so that's easy. There are a number of styles with et-al in italics, but at some point this gets tricky without the search by example page I link to above.
  • Many thanks again, Adam.

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