iPad and Goodreader 4

After several years away from iPad and Zotero I have recently acquired a new iPad Pro and would like to use it in conjunction with my Zotero library (2000+ items). I have figured out how to save a reference from Safari on iPad (no snapshot) to my Zotero library and to add it to a collection.

I also have been using Goodreader 4 to read PDFs.

Can anyone suggest a good, simple set of practices? I'm not wedded to Goodreader although I find it works for reading nicely.

I have seen Zotfile but the App Store shows it as having last been updated in 2013 so I am concerned that it may no longer be being supported. I do see, however, that there are May 2016 posts in the forums on it, so it is clearly being used.

Suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.
  • I have not heard anything from Mikko, who developed ZotPad, for years, so I'd be worried about this, too.
    Papership is actively maintained and supported, though. It has a built in annotation system that's for pay (the app itself is free) and I don't think you can push to goodreader they way you can with ZotPad.

    ZotFile (actively maintained and completely different from ZotPad) would be an alternative low-tech solution: it has a function that allows you to push some papers to a folder (typically: a syncing folder like Dropbox) and then get them back, including any annotations, from that folder later on.
  • Though it isn't being developed anymore, Zotpad still works and is stable. Unfortunately, it will stop working once Zotero 5.0 is released.

    Papership works well in general, but it starts to really slow down with very large libraries or numbers of groups.

    My preferred solution is to use the Zotfile plugin for Zotero desktop. Like adamsmith says, the "Send to Tablet" feature sends pdfs to a Dropbox/etc. folder and then pulls them back later (manually). You can set Goodreader to sync with this Dropbox folder so that the files you've chosen for tablet reading are available.
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