Using Zotero with Word Online


Our lab is moving to Word Online in order to keep Office formatting, fonts, figure/margin/feature embedding, citation fields, etc (basically, so we don't have to face the hurdles of flawed inter-format document conversion every time we submit for revisions or grapple with the countless small breakages each conversion entails). However, we have noticed there do not seem to be any bibliographic managers for Word Online.

On first inspection, it appears Word Online has something almost as good in its implementation of footnotes/endnotes. "Surely these are stored in a recognizable way that can be fed into Zotero or something and be parsed into references," I thought to myself. After some googling, binging, and yahoo-ing, though, I turned up next to nothing.

Is such a straightforward-seeming conversion between endnotes -> zotero possible at all? If not, how would one go about using online/collaborative document editing such as Word Online (or Google Docs, but we don't really want to touch Google Docs again) with a proper citation manager?

This is relevant because research in general seems to be moving quickly in this direction, and now we rarely have papers being manually edited and emailed around; everything is collaborative because research itself is inherently collaborative -- albeit for some more than others.

Any advice would be appreciated. Even the snarky stuff. ;-)

  • I'm having the same problem. It seems like rtf scan would be one option, but not ideal if you have a fully-cited document:
  • @gabe-a, did you find a good way to use Zotero (or any other citation manager) with Word Online? Thanks!
  • Word 2016 (installed on your computer) also supports Real-time Live Collaboration for documents saved in OneDrive, so you can use Zotero as normal while also getting live editing.
  • @bwiernik, thanks for the reply! I had 2016 previously, but my new institution only provides 2011 for Mac. So, I'm certainly an isolated case, but I was hoping to use Word Online. I'll just have to work with what I have.
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