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I'm in the process of upgrading from 1.0.9 to 1.5 beta. I'm using Firefox 3 on windows XP (SP3) with Office 2007.

The zotero database has been fixed and upgraded.

I can see all my zotero entries in firefox okay (I've yet to do a sync).

When I try to insert a new reference, I am warned that this will irrevocably upgrade the document. So, I go ahead and insert a reference and .... word stalls. No errors. Nothing.

In the word status bar it says Repaginating page 85 (of about 119). (sometimes it only gets to page 65).

The document has a couple of hundred references (the library has a couple of thousand).

I've left it for ten minutes or more with no luck.

Any ideas?

I notice the following error in Firefox...

[JavaScript Error: "button is null" {file: "chrome://cssviewer/content/CSSViewer.js" line: 568}]

[JavaScript Error: " is undefined" {file: "" line: 614}]

[JavaScript Error: "button is null" {file: "chrome://cssviewer/content/CSSViewer.js" line: 568}]
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