What's happening with Zotero 4.1?

Does anyone know what the news is on 4.1? I can't find any recent posts or any other references to it, and the alpha is apparently no longer available. Is it still in the works?
  • It's still in the works; it's now Zotero 5.0; see this thread
    there's a recent discussion that you can find (involving gurdas, bwiernik, Dan, me and some others) discussion some of these changes.
    You can read through that to better understand the nature of changes (don't have time to dig up the link, shouldn't be hard to find) -- 5.0 won't actually be a huge update on the surface. Most visible new features will happen in incremental updates afterwards.
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    Thanks! Now that I know it's 5.0 I can find it. For anyone else reading this discussion, the exchange adamsmith refers to is at this link:
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