Endnote migration with PDFs

I'm migrating my 2800+ library from Endnote to Zotero. I have about 500 or so items with PDFs attached. I have exported the whole lot via RIS and changed the paths of the links to reflect where the PDFs are stored. Since then, I have moved the whole thing to a new computer running Linux. Now, I cannot get Zotero to open the PDFs. I have used the "show file" "locate" feature and have found some of the files. But after "finding" them, nothing has changed. Ihave all the files stored in a local directory, and I know where they are, but Zotero doesn't seem to have the ability to update itself after I find the files via the "locate" feature.

Does the "locate" feature work? If so, what am I doing wrong?
  • The locate button is for locating copies of works online through OpenURL. It is not related to your issue.

    Take a read through this thread for a bit more info on how Zotero opens PDFs and some issues that arise in Linux.
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