English quotation marks, respecting English and French capitalization styles

I use both English language and French language sources. In an ideal world, I would be able to use English quotation marks (instead of the French guillemet) for every entry, but respect English and French capitalization rules (In French only the first word of the title is capitalized). Would there be any way to seamlessly make this happen in Zotero? Much obliged.

  • If you enter the language of the source in the language field in Zotero, that will prevent English-style title casing (anything that doesn't start with "en" will do, i.e French, Francais, etc. -- but we recommend using ISO two letter language/country code combination, i.e. fr-FR for French from France, fr-CA for Quebecois French)

    kb article on this here: https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/preventing_title_casing_for_non-english_titles
  • Ok, great thanks! Now another issue I have is that when switching to French, it also changes the quotation marks to French ones. Any way I can have it switch the capitalization to French but keep the quotation marks like in English. Thanks!
  • what do you mean by "switching to French"? The above instructions should really not change any formatting other than title casing, including quotation marks.
  • When I put it in as French for my biblio, all quotation marks (" ") switch to this (« »). I'm wondering if I can have French cap rules for certain entries without it also changing the quotation marks to the French « »
  • I understand what you're asking. Could you please describe exactly what you mean by
    "put it in as French" or "switching to French" -- I'm pretty sure you're not doing what I'm describing above but rather switching the citation style to French.
  • Oh ok, I see what you mean by the language field. When I put French in the language field (rather than switching the citation style, which is what I misunderstood you to mean) it works. Thanks!
  • Good morning!
    I have a question, related to this issue. I hope you can help me out.
    I need to produce a bibliography (I'm using Chicago author-date) in English with the dating in English UK but (big BUT) I need the quotation marks to be double not simple, so I need the quotation marks in the US style but the dating in English UK style.
    How can I do this? Do I need to create my own style for this?
    I thank you for your support.
  • Yes, that can only be done by modifying the style, most easily probably by adding US-style quotation marks to the en-GB locale.
  • Thanks Adam!
    Just to make sure I got it right. These are the ideal steps:
    1. I create a new style, adding the US quotations to the UK style in https://editor.citationstyles.org/visualEditor
    2. I name it after my institution (which is the idea)
    3. I upload it to the Zotero repository
    Does it make sense to you?
    Thank you SO MUCH

  • Yes. That'd be in the locale under Global Formatting Options.

    For3, we'd have to see if the style meets the repository criteria, but assuming this is the new ILO style then yes.
  • Thank you so much Adam!
    Manos a la obra!
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