Hypothes.is integration

Hi I'm a non programmer outsider, this is more of a feature request than an issue...I just found a separate discussion here after searching zotero hypothes.is, as I thought it would be a good idea to, someday , have private and or public hypothes.is generated annotations, highlights and notes, exported into zotero the way zotfile does for certain pdf viewers currently.
Integration with hypothes.is would be fantastic, to selectively export the private/ones own /or entire collaborative annotations, into zotero, like zotfile with appropriate citation and page indexing etc. Would this be possible?
If my question is out of turn out in the wrong place or this is an inappropriate use of a thread, apologies, i'm just very excited about this concept being developed, as much as I am about hypothes.is coming to Firefox and epub.js + hypothes.is!
Thank you for your time and work on zotero and I hope to have more immdiately useful issues in the future
  • I'd just like to affirm that this kind of integration would be a great idea.
  • I run Zotero on Linux and the options for PDF annotation are limited. I'm currently using Foxit to mark up the files, which works. However, the Hypothesis PDF highlighter with annotation (in Firefox) is awesome. I would love it if I could import the Hypothesis notes that I make on a PDF into Zotero as an attachment alongside that PDF.
  • As these are both open source projects, I believe this would make a great integration. I can imagine for my workflow this would greatly enhance my use of Zotero notes, providing a way to see them in the document as described by @mrowedr. This could also lead to more open discussion around articles through open annotations.
  • The functionality described by @mrowedr would be a game changer. The ability to see the annotations of a manuscript in either HTML or the PDF of that manuscript is super handy.
  • Wouldn't this require the PDFs also to be publicly available?
  • No, Hypothesis works on local files as long as they're opened in the browser and uses a variety of other identifiers (e.g. for PDFs the unique PDF ID, for HTML the citation_doi and the rel="canonical" metatags) to match identical files/pages opened from different URIs.
  • +1 from me for this integration as well. It would be super handy workflow to be able to do this.
  • I haven't checked this in detail, but it looks similar to what you are looking for: https://github.com/JD-P/hypothesis-zotero
  • Any update on a more user-friendly experience combining Hypothesis with Zotero?
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