What happened to the folder icon?

I suddenly noticed that Zotero does not show a folder icon when I am on a Google Scholar search result page. Nor on a ScienceDirect search result page. Nor JSTOR search result. Note that the folder icon functionality is still there: when I click on the icon (which looks like blank page--don't know what it is called) it drops down a list of items for me to select from. But am still wondering whether the absence of the folder icon is a bug or a feature? I liked the folder icon--it told me that I had multiple options to choose from. And the zotero quick start guide certainly boasts of it.

I can provide screenshots if needed.
  • a bug. Which OS and browser (and which version of the browser)?

    FWIW, I've been seeing some weird icon behavior on Firefox / Ubuntu Linux.
  • Windows 7, with FF downgraded to v45.0.2 to avoid the ongoing issues with v46. My memory is that v45 did not have this icon problem earlier, but cannot swear to that.
  • try disabling all other add-ons (for testing), restart FF and try again.
  • Aha! switched off all FF add-ons except zotero and zotero Word plugin. The folder icon is back. Now to figure out which add-on is causing this glitch!
  • Seems like it was Bing Search add-on which was triggering this problem. Its not critical for me, so have removed that add-on. Thanks for the help.
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