Chrome connector

Will you consider adding the following features:
1) Save item to specific folder via a menu/popup. The menu popupup can have a folder picker and/or folder search.
2) Save item without snapshot option in the menu popup.
3) It would also be nice if a tag picker could be integrated into the menu/popup

I ended up using zotero as a catalog for just about everything and save links to partiular folders all the time. But to do that I have to navigate my byzantine folder hierarchy manually (since there is no folder search), then go back to the browser to add the item, then go to zotero and delete any snapshot I dont need. I suspect some other users are in the same boat.

I heard there is will be a completely rewritten version of zotero that's no longer tied to the mozilla codebase. Is that true? Would that make it easier to write a more feature rich connector? Hopefully the new version would also have more powerful interface.

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