Google Scholar Page with multiple hits

I made a google scholar query that returned 8 pages of results. Zotera lapped up all the references on most of the pages, but for 2 pages, clicking on the Zotero icon in the address bar did not bring up the "Select Items" popup, but rather just immediately announced that it "Could not save item...translator error..." (I wish the popup would last a little longer on the screen, I can't copy the whole thing in the fraction of a second it remains visible). Since this problem no doubt depends upon the particular GS web page I copied it to my personal web account at [] but zotero doesn't notice that the copy is Google Scholar, so you can't just click on the zotero icon in the address bar (it isn't there) to demonstrate the problem.

Daniel Feenberg


  • Is this a persistent problem with that page of search results? That is to say if you run your search again and try to grab items from that page does it fail again?
  • Yesterday I had the same failure mode several times, today it loads successfully. Of course, the google data is different today, so that could be the explanation. I still have the google page from yesterday, but I don't know how to cause Zotero to load from it.

    Now I have a new problem. I have two zotero.rdf files, one with 299 entries and one with 401 entries. If I take them to a machine with an empty "My Library" (even trash is empty and no other folders exist with my library) I can import them one after the other, giving me 2 folders in my library which I can confirm have 299 and 401 entries respectively by highlighting the full set. But if I select "My Library" and use the same method to count the entries, there are 1502 entries, and I can see that many entries are duplicates, although there were no duplicates in the two separate files, and no overlap.

    Daniel Feenberg
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