Can "Linked attachment based directory" be in Dropbox web app?

Hi, new to Zotero here.
Before I start using it, I wanted to know if I can link my Dropbox pdf library to Zotero, but without having the files synced to my local hard disk? I mean, I do not have the Dropbox Desktop app installed in my computer, as the library would use too much of my storage.

I followed instructions in other posts but when choosing the "base directory" there is no option to choose a website. There must be something I"m not understanding correctly here..

Hope someone can explain it better to me!
  • No, that's not possible. You can add links to URIs manually to items -- and that could obviously be the Dropbox URL of an item (and you wouldn't need to specify a relative directory -- as the name suggests, URLs are universal), but generally Zotero is designed to work with local files, so I'm not sure how satisfactory that will be.
  • Thank you!
    So one last question, is there any way to have the files save outside of my computer? I read about syncing but I'm not sure if that means that Zotero will store my files in some web based storage?
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    if by "outside your computer" you mean "in the cloud" then the answer is no. You can place linked files on an external harddrive, though.
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