style manager add by URI

It strikes me that the dlalog to add a CSL style probably ought to allow to load by URI (rather than just a local file)?
  • Shouldn't that be the ability to load via a URL instead of via a URI? Zotero should be able to obtain the style from the internet, which is difficult for URI's other than URL's.


    An additional suggestion for the style manager:

    When you click the plus-button, you can select between the Endnote and CSL style types in the Add Style dialog. This limits the files shown to those that have either a .ens or .csl file extension, respectively. It might be clearer if the dropdown menu options indicated this (like in other programs like MS Word), i.e. "CSL Style (*.csl)" and "EndNote Style (*.ens)".
  • I'd say the details of the URI would probably need to be figured out.
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