BibTex import drops all Book Chapter titles

I'm testing out Zotero 1.5b1 with my existing database of about 4100 references. Apart from the fact that import overwhelms Firefox requiring me to switch to Safari for about 45 min till its done, I encountered a pretty major error in how Zotero parsed my BibTex file. Now I'm no BibTex expert, so its possible that its something wrong with how Sente (my preferred bibliographic software) exports BibTex, but Zotero is not pulling in the chapter titles for book sections. Here is an example. The following record is imported with the Book Title as the article title and no book title listed (although it is correctly identified as a "book section" rather than a book):

author = {Akinnaso, F. Niyi},
editor = {Jennings, Edward M. and Purves, Alan C.},
chapter = {Literacy and Individual Consciousness},
title = {Literate Systems and Individual Lives: Perspectives on Literacy and Schooling},
uuid = {E11CC424-D50B-4952-8723-A4A24C2AD7FF},
pages = {73-94},
publisher = {State University of New York Press},
organization = {},
year = {1991},
sentelink = {file://localhost/Users/PKF_MacBook/Documents/Sente/Akinnaso,%20F%20NiyiLiteracy%20and%20Individual%20ConsciousnessLiterate%20Systems%20and%20Individual%20Lives%20Perspectives%20on%20Literacy%20and%20Schooling1991%20Forthcoming.%20Literacy%20and%20Individual%20Consciousness.%20In%20In%20Literate%20Systems%20and%20Individual%20Lives%20Pers.pdf,EndNote X,File reference},
keywords = {;LABEL:Scan;RATING:Read-3;Groups:TeachingArchive:AboEd;Groups:Teaching2008:LanguageTech},
source_app = {Bookends},
EndNote_reference_number = {17519},
database = {20070916 Citations},
Citation_identifier = {Akinnaso 1991},
publicationStatus = {Unknown},
notes = {(0) Scan
Macintosh HD:Users:kerim:Documents:My Documents:E-texts:E-Texts By Author:Akinnaso, F. N. - 19\#2095D0.pdf
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  • Someone who knows more about BibTeX can confirm, but, from Wikipedia's BibTeX entry:

    booktitle: The title of the book, if only part of it is being cited
    chapter: The chapter number
    title: The title of the work
  • I believe that the output from Sente is wrong in this case. Try to change the entry type to to @incollection

    And as Dan noted, you will need to fill booktitle and title.

    I have used Sente in the past and found that it tends to mangle exports a wee bit.
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