OpenID issues

In as much as there seems to have been nothing new added here with respect to OpenID since 2014, and a good deal has happened outside of Zotero with respect to OpenID I thought I should start a new thread and note that:

* Apparently there is still no documentation on the use of OpenID with Zotero
* While OpenID works with Verisignlabs OpenID, VerisignLabs will be closing their PIP this year
* effective usage of Google OpenID since google has gone to OpenID Connect do not appear to be documented at all
* there is no documentation in the forums that issues with OpenID have ever been addressed

Is there a road map?
  • There's no roadmap.

    Philosophically, I'd like to support it.
    Unfortunately, the most likely outcome is us removing OpenID support. It never got particularly good adoption for various reasons, and as far as I've seen OpenID Connect hasn't changed that.

    It has never been a good experience for Zotero users (and we always required a normal Zotero account anyway) so I'm inclined to say it's not really worth it.
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