Translators thorugh UK university proxy not working


I'm using Zotero for Firefox, Firefox 45.0.2 (32 bit).

I usually import my references from Scopus and WebOfScience, which work fine from their website. But if I use them through my University's website, the references are not imported at all. The translator recognizes the source, as I can hover over the button and it correctly says "Save to Zotero (Scopus)" or "Save to Zotero (Web of Science)". The translator pop-up window appears but it goes away after a few seconds with no error message, and the item is not added to my library.

Am I missing anything? I search on the forum, followed the standard troubleshooting steps, but nothing seems to apply. I've disabled the Zotero "proxy redirection" option for the moment.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

PS: these are examples URLs, comparing normal/proxy addresses:,,
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