Problem with European charactors (üäö)
I have some problems with these letters and the thread here doesn't give any result:
When I click this article button in the address bar (save to zotero), I get a new item in my library. but the
R. Gómez-Abal
W. Hübner
R. G[ff fd]mez-Abal
W. H[ff fd]bner
[ff fd] is a strange letter which has an FF on top of FD and a square around.
Export to bibtex with UTF-8 doesn't work either, I tried to open bib file with firefox using UTF-8 coding, but get this [ff fd] again.

both zotero 1.0.9 and 1.5b1 make the same trouble.
can anyone give me a solution to export these letters correctly.
The best is export ü as \"{u}, i.e. the tex code.
Many thanks
  • as pointed out in this thread:
    "If your LaTeX+BibTeX installation is not setup to use UTF-8, do not use UTF-8 export. Non-UTF-8 export will replace those characters with their TeX entitites."
    I also tested exporting with other coding, and I never get "Tex entities". If this works it would be so much better.
  • edited February 24, 2009
    new update:
    I looked into the exported bib file as HEX format and found out the [FF FD] is:
    EF BF BD
    for both ó and ü in the auther name: "R. Gómez-Abal" "W. Hübner"
    it looks like that problems occurs when I click "save to zotero" button.
    Somehow zotero get ü and ó as [FF FD].
    So it's not really an exporting problem, instead, it's saving into zotero with UTF-8 code error.

    I hope someone could try to save this article into his/her zotero and see if it's [ff fd]
    If I correct [ff fd] to ü manually and export as utf-8/wester(ISO-xxx-xxx) I get ü or \"{u}, which is correct.
  • Well, I found a way to by pass this error:
    I first grab this pdf file link into my zotero library and search for metadata from google scholar. And author names are correct from now.
    seems that I have some translator error and I was not able to update translator.
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