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using research interests and/or keywords would be nice.

  • So right now we are searching against any disciplines that people selected in their profile settings ( as well as their real name and affiliation.

    However, we're not searching against any text a user might have entered into the "about me" field in the profile settings. I'll open a ticket for this.
  • edited February 24, 2009 allows you to add tags to your profile, which automatically assign you to the related groups. See my profile page there for a simple example.

    BTW, is a good model to examine all around; good support for Atom and FOAF, distributed support based on XMPP, etc. (and open source PHP). There's no reason my profiles shouldn't be portable between it and
  • I wonder why profiles don't have open interest tags?

    Also, will there be support for groups?

  • Also, will there be support for groups?
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