add table-sorter to web library view

Please add sortable tables (though I realize there may (?) be some issues with paging; still, I wonder if it's not better to load the entire library into the client, a la the pager plugin).
  • We will add table sorting for the library and collections, probably the ability to add columns at some point as well.

    We have to experiment more with how fast the api responses are when requesting large numbers of items before we commit to a fully client side solution. Right now there is an internal cap of 100 items per request and that can take about 1-2 seconds, but we are still tuning.
  • Tough tradeoff: a bigg-ish hit at the beginning for quick subsequent response, or a small (but still obvious) lag every time you need to resort, or change pages?
  • Any idea when sortable tables, or other features to web library, might be implemented?

    Zotero is fantastic btw!
  • Ditto! (for both My Lib and Group Lib) Thx guys!

  • +1 for the ability to add columns and sort function !
  • edited August 5, 2010
    +1, obviously — it's been one and a half year since this first was proposed, I had been hoping it would be there now.
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