Link between web site and file storage?

Are there any plans for some way of finding attachments in webdav storage based on their web app entry? In the simplest case, this might mean no more than the item page showing a field with the name of the zip file which contains the attachment.
  • Yes. There'll likely be an uncompressed file sync option, as well as the ability to sync WebDAV paths, allowing you to click through to PDFs and other files.
  • Excellent, look forward to it. Thanks.
  • Hey Dan,
    Any news on this? The click-through to attachments stored as PDF on the WebDAV server from the zotero library would make everything so much easier...
  • No, but note that Zotero File Storage provides web-based access to PDFs and other single-file attachments.
  • +1

    I'd find this feature extremely helpful, too. A plain and simple entry with the filename on the webdav space would already help a lot for now. I hope the introduction of paid services does not mean that these plans have been abandoned/stalled.
  • Does that mean only Zotero File Storage files will have that option, but not WebDAV stored ones?
  • Hi,
    just to add a possibly final comment to this thread: check out my program phpZoteroWebDAV, which provides both a php-based WebDAV server implementation and a library and attachment viewer to access the files synced to that server:
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    I'm really looking for a feature like this as well. Just curious, the original post was made way back in 2009, so 3 years later is something still in the works?
  • this works with Zotero storage. With WebDAV I believe krueschan's script gets you there or close.
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