Firefox CSS

I have been playing around with the CSS in Firefox to customize the look of the UI. I have managed to change nearly everything I want except for the notes view. Currently, it defaults to standard white background and black text (see pic below). Is this hard-code or is it something that can be changed with CSS as well?
  • there's a separate CSS for notes in about:config under extensions.zotero.note.css -- I'm not sure how customizable that is -- people have been using it mostly for simple stuff like line breaks and fonts -- but I don't see why modifying that shouldn't work for more general changes.
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    Thanks for the reply. Wasn't able to get things working from within about:config. However, googling extensions.zotero.note.css led me to other threads noting that the editor is TinyMCE. Searching UserStyles for that got me the CSS for changing the body of the editor, which is:

    .mceContentBody {
    color: #color-of-choice;
    background: #color-of-choice;

    Now just trying to figure out how to edit the rest of the editor.

    Thanks again!
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