New online library collection tree disordered

I realise it's very early days yet, but I note that for my library at least, the new web-based 'collections' tree is quite different from my local one. Many collections that are locally some way down the hierarchy appear on the web at the top level, and others are missing altogether.

This isn't the case for, which seems to mirror my local collections tree exactly.
  • Hmm, this sounds unusual. Could you provide an example of the bad sorting?
  • Sure. I have My 4 top-level collections in my local library (coursework, imports, Move to Evernote, Projects). Each of these has subcollections, to varying depths.

    The online version has over 20 top-level collections! I haven't traced where they all come from, but here are a couple of examples:

    - there are several top-level collections called 'admin' (a commonly-used name in my local collection hierarchy). The path to one of these in my local collection tree is "Move to Evernote -> admin" (ie. it's one level down).
    - a top-level collection in the web app called 'carpool' exists locally as "Projects -> archived -> carpool" (ie. 2 levels down). is correct in each case.
  • I think we've tracked down the root of the problem. We weren't fetching all of your collections before processing them. People who have more than 100 collections (including sub=collections) will have a similar problem.

    We'll have a fix up in the next few days.
  • Great. Thanks for the update.
  • All looks good now. Thanks again.
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