Importing RIS files generated by Google Scholar.

I tend to get refs into Zotero by using the RIS export ( by selecting refman); however, it always seems to add them to a collection called scholar. Is there a way of either adding them directly to a particular collection, or (which I prefer, though reading the comments not so common for others) directly to the library?
At present, I just delete the collection but not the items, but it seems a bit fiddly - especially as, if adding them directly from the browser, they just go into the library, rather than a named collection.
I can see that, if you're adding several papers via a single .ris file, it can be useful to have named it to autogenerate the collection - but not so much if it's a single paper.
  • Why are you using RIS export? You want to use the Save to Zotero button, the same as on any other website.
  • Because it doesn't always work - sometimes data is missing. Also, it works if I've found the file on a computer that's not mine, I can email the ris file to myself for later.
  • You can open the RIS file in a text editor, select all, copy, and import from clipboard. That'll import into the currently selected collection.

    But yeah, I'd use the direct import, it uses the same data (bibtex rather than RIS, but same data) and we can clean it up some as necessary. It should never be worse than the RIS.
  • Thanks; will try that.
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