Edit bibliography in Word not working

I'm using zotero with Word 2013. I have the style set as Harvard but it doesn't cite it quite as my uni likes. That's not a major issue as I usually just go into edit bibliography to make the minor alterations. However, today when I click on edit bibliography there is no citation in the text box for me to change. I haven't done anything different to normal but for some reason it just isn't there. Any ideas on how to resolve this? If I make changes in my actually reference list, every time I add a new one they all revert back to how they were beforehand.
  • I can't quite help as such, as I just tested & it's letting me (though I am using Word 2106 on Mac, so that might make a difference); however, I have to do the same, but tend to wait till I've got all of the work done & then disconnect the database & do the minor edits, as the last stage (remembering to use Save as ... Just In Case!)
    Also lets me change the line spacing, as it seems to default to double, rather than the 1.5 I usually use.
  • This is already fixed for the next version (with the fix available in the beta):

  • Thank you Dan. All working fine now. Really appreciate the help!
  • Well not completely fine...It will let me edit references I added a few days ago but not the ones from the last two days or any new ones I now add to my work. When I click on the reference in the right hand side of the pane, nothing comes up in the text box and the revert button is greyed out. Maybe I'll just do all the edits when I've finished as Emma suggested
  • edited March 31, 2016
    There was some further fixing to do for this. Should be news in the next day or two.
  • Any news on when the fix will be done? Just to know whether to do all the edits manually as I have to hand in my dissertation in two days. Thanks
  • You could run the beta version, which has the fix:
    I doubt this is going to be released in time otherwise.

    The beta should be quite safe now and only marginally differ from the regular version, but obviously keep good backups.
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