2004543143 (error)

"Error- restart firefox "
message when trying to add an item through the Firefox plugin
Seems there is some file in limbo that is throwing the program off
  • edited March 26, 2016
    Shouldn't crash, of course, but this can happen on Windows if you have a file open in an external program (e.g., a PDF reader).

    The file in question is shown in the error report window. If you don't have it open, try restarting your computer.

    If you're getting this for different files, it could probably also be caused by security software on your computer.
  • Thanks Dan Stillman. You and adamsmith are always on top of the troubleshooting. The file wasn't open anywhere, and the error happened 5 times in a row when loading zotero from the browser.
    No problems when I opened standalone, though, so just decided not to load the browser plugin and worked exclusively with the Standalone.
    Thanks for the tip about the security software. Am running windows 8 with Panda Free antivirus. It can be pretty aggressive, even wouldn't allow a download of Zotero on one machine!
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