Library database syncs, but file sync fails - different network access requirements?


Did a forum search, but couldn't locate a relevant thread; apologies if this has been asked and answered before.

Running Zotero standalone on several PCs in a corporate/network environment. Syncing to a Group library hosted by Zotero (not WebDav). It used to work OK, but lately have been noticing sync errors. Installed on a new PC recently and this confirmed my suspicions. Zotero was able to sync the library database OK, but did not download a single attachment to the data directory. So, I suspect that Zotero is able to get one level of access through the firewall, but is getting blocked for file transfer.

I have to work with our corporate IT area (government) to try to get support. Appreciate any guidance on what Zotero standalone might require in the way of access that would help my IT area figure out how to resolve this.

Cheers, Brian
  • I don't think that should differ, but who knows. For a start, an error report ID after a sync that produces a sync error would be helpful.
  • Thanks Adam (and sorry)

    Report ID: 1424795912

    Additional info:

    The error report references a file in the storage folder -- that folder has a cache file, but no attachment.

    While the report only refers to one folder, the mouse over message during sync lists multiple files for transfer, but no size estimate and takes a very long time to complete. Subsequent sync shows same number of files, so doesn't appear that anything is really happening.

    While library database seemed to be syncing before, that doesn't appear to be working either now. I added a record to my standalone and added another to the same library using a browser. Neither file is showing up in the other following sync.

    Cheers, Brian
    At the moment, doesn
  • Can you provide a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for a sync attempt that fails?
  • Hi Dan,

    Debug ID: D750363822

    Had a squiz - did see a 403 error, which is an issue I've had with some portable apps that used to work on our network until recent changes. I've been assuming that's associated with firewall/permission issues.

    But, assume a more experienced eye may spot more or different...
  • No, the 403 in there isn't an issue. The problem is that Zotero's POST (file upload) requests to Amazon S3 are timing out, after long delays — so yes, something on your computer or network is interfering with these requests.

    You can see what happens if you try to load directly in your browser — you should see an Access Denied error — but it's quite possible it's just upload requests that are getting blocked, so that might not be that enlightening.
  • Perfect Mate, I reckon that's what I need for my IT folks. Yes, I get a browser error -- the site can't be reached; took too long to respond (resolves to that pretty quickly). I think they probably just need to add a rule to allow communication to that URL. Will be interesting to see the response I get. I got advice recently that Zotero was identified in a recent report on cloud technologies.

    The advice seemed to suggest Zotero was in the category of 'risky' technologies and I got the feeling that I might have a fight. I had a quick look at the report just now and got zero results searching for Zotero, so, not sure what the story is...
  • Just an update, issue is fixed (yes, it actually took until now). I haven't actually received advice from IT support, but it is working now, so I assume they changed the permissions to allow upload/download to the Zotero file storage amazon URL.

    Thanks again Dan
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