[Juris-M] Possibility to add an "available at" signal?

The Uniform System of Citation (whether Bluebook or Baby Blue) allows for the writer to supplement a citation to a normally offline source by adding a second, parallel citation with the form:

, available at <url>

Is this something that Juris-M might support in the future, perhaps through its Bluebook Signals add-on?

Right now I add my "available ats" manually at the end of editing. I realize I could also add a suffix manually to each cite (by pasting the string in using the Bluebook Signals add-on).

But it seems like a far more efficient possibility might be a simple tick box in the Bluebook Signal popup, to add a parallel citation to the source's URL.

Has this been contemplated?
  • Juris-M will probably follow Zotero on URLs for the present. If the URL is in the database, Zotero has an option to deliver it unconditionally to the citation processor, where it can be rendered in CSL. We could offer style variants that append the URL - it's basically a one-line change.

    I have some changes to the processor and refactoring of legal style modules in progress. Once that's done, let's look at the possibilities.
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