show groups of items (Improving the related items feature)

Being able to place certain entries with (or better: under) other entries would be a huge improvement.

This feature already (nearly) exist as we can “relate items”, so the only things that is missing is to be able to visually see those groups of related items somewhere, like in the central panel (we currently need to open the related tab to see the selected items). There is no way to visualized the different groups of related items.

Being able to visually see these groups of related item would be much easier to access.

It could be done for instance with a right click “display all the related items” (that would show each related item in a folder containing all the other related entries, and all folders containing related items). (Or if it’s too difficult, it could work like the feature “duplicated items”, it would open a special panel, or maybe via a saved search that would display “all related items”)

Thank you!

Ps1: the problem using the collection and sub collection for that purpose is:
1/ they would be difficult to manage for hundreds of groups
2/ the group doesn’t appear on the main panel (but only individual items, their group can be seen by pressing Ctrl)
  • Have a look at the Zutilo add-on, which allows you to specify a keyboard shhortcut to witch the left pane to the Related tab.

    This isn't to say that this would replace your feature request, but I don't think something like what you request will make it in the near future.
  • If I am understanding Vialo's comment correctly, I am writing to second that request. Currently, one can click an item's "related" tab to see all items that have been related to it, which is good but somewhat clunky, since navigating the list of related items requires clicking each and being redirected to that item. I am imagining a scenario in which one has many stand-alone notes, for instance, that are related to a given item, in which case it would be far more useful to be able to navigate through them in the Middle Library Panel. This feature could be as simple as making the "related" field a searchable field, such that an advanced search could return all items whose "related" field matches a certain search time.
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