Just getting started basic questions

Please excuse these very basic questions but I am just about to start using Zotero for the first time to put my references in Vancouver style into WordPerfect 2013.

I have written a book with 12 chapters and separate Reference sections (e.g., Chapter 1 References etc.) for each chapter. Do I need to assign names for 12 separate libraries in Zotero in order to do this?

Also, I listened to the tutorials but I am not entirely certain on how to start recording the items into the libraries—I assume I do this in the standalone version of Zotero—is that correct?

Finally, when I start entering the items into the librar(ies), do I specify the style (in my case Vancouver style) or does style only come into play when I insert it into the Word document?

Thanks for clarifying these points for me.

Bruce Rocheleau
  • 1) Do you actually mean WordPerfect? You can't really use Zotero with WordPerfect, certainly not for numeric styles like Vancouver, so if you're actually using WP, you may want to look somewhere else -- though I don't think there is a WordPerfect 2013 version, so I'm guessing you just mistyped and mean Word 2013.

    2) No need for separate libraries, no. If you want separate reference lists for each chapter, you'll want to just have them in separate Word files.

    3) The Standalone version or the Firefox add-on; both are essentially equivalent in functionality. See https://www.zotero.org/support/getting_stuff_into_your_library Web translators are typically your best best for this.

    4) No, no need to specify any style while you input/import data.
  • Thanks for the help. Note, yes I meant to type Word 2013.

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