Notes - moving back to another view.

I am wondering if I'm missing something. When I'm adding information etc., in the right hand bar, at the top, I can see Info | Notes | Tags | Related.
For all but notes, I can switch to that aspect, use them etc, & the tabs at the top still remain visible.
When it comes to the notes, I can see the fact that I have made some, but once I start to create / edit one, the top bar vanishes, so the only way I have to return to the other bits of information is either to click "Edit in separate Window" or to Click the item's title in the central panel.
Is there a way (can't see it in the preferences) to force the notes to always open in a separate window?
  • notes, once created, are like attachments, so you're effecively dealing with a separate item and thus a separate view (and no tabs). I think shift+tab should get you back to the center pane, though, where you can use the arrow keys to move to the parent item (in case you don't want to deal with clicking in the center pane).

    I don't think there's a setting to always open notes in a separate window, no.
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