Retrieve previous version?

I spent quite a bit of time on Friday tidying up my database etc., checked that the standalone (on my work laptop) & the website were synched. They were.

Today, I tried to synching with a database on a different machine; it gave me a couple of warnings about the fact I'd last synchronised with a different database & I selected what I *thought* was the best answer. Seems it wasn't, as it's combined what was in the database on the computer (not the 'other' that it referred to - but the one that I was trying to synchronise, if that makes sense). So, I now have both on my computer here, and online, everything I deleted on Friday, as well as everything that I added new on Friday.

I'm guessing that the best option would be to export the entire library on my work machine *before* connecting it to the internet, then connect & re-sync - unless there's a way of resetting the database back to a particular date??
  • You should first figure out what happened exactly. The message you received strongly suggests that you have two different user accounts, which will likely cause you other problems (if you're not aware of it) in the future.

    Then you can use, on your work machine (which currently has all the correct data, right?) Sync --> Reset --> Restore to server. (Make sure you do that in the right direction, i.e. _to_ server). And yes, do unplug from the internet until you have disabled auto-sync so you don't sync the merged data from the server.
  • many thanks! Yes, I knew I had two accounts - clearly I'd just selected the wrong option (not made easier - or perhaps further confused - by the fact the database I don't use much had recently had its email address updated ... [It's the one I use to demonstrate to students, rather than the one that has all my work in it] Anyway, all seems fine now - I'd not spotted that "restore to server" option before. :)
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