Firefox zotero button changes width on mouseover, on hires display


A minor cosmetic bug that I've been noticing:

When mousing over the Zotero 2-part button on the firefox toolbar, the button's width is reduced by a few pixels (the Z moves rightwards). Depending where the button is positioned on the toolbar, this can drag/stretch other components to the right.

Interestingly, this only happens on my Surface Pro 2, not my desktop computer. Display-size/scaling related? Happens regardless of whether the display is at 150% (recommended setting) or 100%.

Sorry if this is an already known thing!
  • Are you using the latest version ( A similar issue was fixed in 4.0.29.
  • Thanks Dan, sorry for wasting your time I was still on 28.10. All good once updated.

    BTW what's the easiest way to get notifications about updates? I mean, except, like actually using my brain and checking that I'm using the latest version before posting an issue... (woops)
  • Firefox will update automatically by default, but only when you restart it. You can always check manually via the gear menu in the Firefox Add-ons pane (or by right-clicking in the Zotero line).
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