Can you enter a range of years in the date field?


I want to enter a range of years in the 'Date:' field for a book that was published in multiple volumes over a number of years '1973-81'. Does anyone know if this is possible.


  • not currently, no, sorry. We're certainly aware it's needed and it's on the medium-term agenda.
  • Thanks for the response.
  • If you mean something like "2007-2014" this seems to work perfectly well in both standalone and online versions of Zotero. In the online version, the Cite Item function will replicate this in the various citation formats. However, it omits the second year in the standalone version. Why the disparity, I wonder.
  • Thanks for the feedback - I've had this issue using the Firefox plugin.
  • The website does different date parsing -- the fact that this works is pure coincidence. My general answer still stands: this isn't currently implemented, but is on the radar.
  • Along the same lines, it would be nice to have a range for dates in conference paper type. For example, March 13-16, 2016.
  • @gurdas: see this thread:
    There is described how to send an unused variable to the citation output. The variable event-date can be what you need.
  • Thanks, LiborA.

    I recall a comment in another thread that Dan does not favor the use of curly feature in the extra field. That discussion was about adding DOIs to items that do not have DOI field in current version of Zotero.

    Is there a list somewhere of variables that can be used (with curly) in the Extra field?
  • works with all CSL variables, since it's a function of the CSL processor. See for a list.
  • Thanks, @adamsmith.
  • I have a similar problem with a few journal issues that, while a single issue, have two volumes and two dates (e.g. vol. 2-3, year 1948-49). CMS footnotes manage the volume numbers, but not the date. This is what I get: 2–3 (49 1948).

    Is there a workaround or a solution?
  • Yes. Put Issued: 1948/1949 into the extra field. That will get picked up by citation styles
  • Thanks, that was quick and painless.
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