Search subcollections in search

Advanced Search has the option to search subcollections. Is there a setting to make this the default mode of operation for all searches?

  • you mean in quick search? I don't think that would work systematically, no -- you see the selected collection on the left, it'd be very confusing to have items that are not actually visible in that collection suddenly become visible in a quick search.

    You can, of course, turn recursive collections on and then (I'm pretty sure) collection-level quick searches would include all subcollections
  • Hi Adam,

    Yes, in quick search. In Windows Explorer searches results are returned for the current folder and all folders beneath it. I was wondering whether this was an option that could be turned on for zotero.

  • yeah, but Windows explorer displays search results with a different layout, whereas quick search basically works like a filter, both functionally and in terms of display, which is why I'm saying it'd be confusing if a search could add items to the display.
  • Thanks for the quick response. Please add this as a request for new functionality.
  • edited March 12, 2016
    Just to be clear, nothing about the search would change here. As adamsmith says, the quick search is a filter of the current view, and you toggle recursiveCollections if you want to change that.

    The change we'd make around this would only be making that setting more easily accessible.
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