Shift drag to place cite in Google Doc fails

Using Shift Drag to insert zotero intext citation in google doc produces the plus sign but suddenly the cite does not materialze in target doc (zotero for firefox firefox 44.02) but full cite insertion works fine.

Any ideas? This is a bit of a pain...
  • doesn't work for me either on FF 45, on Windows and has nothing to do with Google Docs (fails here and to Word too).

    Ctrl+Shift+A does work, though (@netbuoy -- use that as a workaround -- copies citation to clipboard, paste with ctrl+v)
  • well, on my Mac it is CMD SHIFT A ;-) and that will do :-)

    any idea why drag shift stopped working?
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    Fixed in, available now for Firefox. (We'll hopefully have a new Standalone out soon. In the meantime, Cmd-Shift-A/Ctrl-Shift-A will work.) Thanks for reporting.
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    Well, as for Standalone 4.0.28, Shit drag works fine with Google docs on Windows.

    I think 4.0.28 Standalone is the most stable.
  • compunk: This was fixed in Standalone on March 16.
  • "the cite does not materialze in target doc" - I have a similar problem. I don't know how to solve.
  • you'd have to explain exactly what you're doing -- the error reported here has been fixed and "a similar problem" doesn't give us enough to go by.
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