I was surprised to see an item with type presentation exported as "@unpublished". I found this out because my citations were looking odd and I realize now it's because the csl doesn't handle that.

Suggestions for getting this to work?
  • you'd have to specify your setup. I'd assume it exports to @unpublished for bibtex because there's no better standard bibtex item type. But if you're using CSL of any form, why would you use bibtex? Why not CSL JSON for pandoc, for example?
  • Ignorance, apparently.

    I'm writing in markdown and using pandoc. The csl is fold-and-r.

    What's the advantage of json?
  • that you basically don't lose anything in mapping -- with bibtex, basically you translate from Zotero to bibtex and then from bibtex back to CSL JSON, so you potentially lose information in both direction. CSL JSON is what Zotero feeds to its citation processor, so you have zero loss (citation-wise) there, and I think pandoc-citeproc reads that losslessly, too.
  • Thanks. Gonna give that a shot.
  • OK, so in the json the presentation/poster comes out with a type of "speech", which also is unspecified in the csl. So I edited the csl to include "speech" in the section that includes the title macro, and that worked. Looks like I need to add it in a few more places.

    However I'm also getting some weird note citations out of this csl. For example

    (, Cl├╝verius, Buno 1659.)

    is the citation for a book with those two guys as authors. Unless pandoc is doing something weird, the csl is goofy.

    But that's for tomorrow, unless someone is really bored on a Saturday night.
  • can't say without seeing the CSL (put on gist.github.com)
  • I don't see how the style would do that. CSL JSON is pretty easily human readable, so I'd start with that and also look at the items in Zotero's Style Editor: https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/citation_styles/reference_test_pane
  • Well, part of the problem is definitely with latex output. For example, small caps don't appear with the typefaces I've got in my template, which I assume is because they don't have such a font. (Would've guessed that latex would've done some sort of cheat, but OK.)

    The main problem though was the way pandoc handles citations inside in-line footnotes in markdown. I've now switched to pandoc-style citations (which I find less readable, but I don't have time to mess with this now).

    There's still a bug there, I think, but it's less serious.
  • "unpublished" usually means you have a reference of type "manuscript"
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